Thursday, 21 January 2010

Sarah McManus says it all!

Today's excellent Newmarket Journal includes a splendid letter from Sarah McManus and all I can say is that, so far as the Conservatives and Newmarket are concerned, Sarah McManus says it all. The salient points of the letter are as follow:

"I have been a staunch Conservative voter for the past 30 years, but now question whether or not I will be voting for the party at the next election."

"There is not one single candidate from the local area on the shortlist of six candidates to replace Richard Spring as MP, and the local Conservative committee procedures to draw up the list left a lot to be desired."

"The favourite for the post, apparently, is M*** H******, George Osborne’s right hand man who is to be parachuted into the position."

"This is despite the fact that only in November last year he was on the shortlist for a seat in Congleton, Cheshire, where he originates from."

"He publicly stated that he dreamt of being in Cheshire and putting down his roots with his wife and children. Is this the type of MP we want to represent us in Suffolk?"

" ... the Conservative party is completely out of touch with the electorate, and there is nothing to choose between them and Labour ... "

Whether the new MP comes from the Conservative party, Labour or perhaps a local independent candidate [my italics], we need an MP who has empathy for our area ... "

Sarah McManus
Weston Way

Well said, Sarah!

The link to the Newmarket Journal is below.

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