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George Dobito (1812 - 1871) of Kirtling - and Suffolk sheep fame

George Dobito was born at Kirtling Hall on the 11th of January, 1812. He farmed at Kirtling and at Lidgate in Suffolk. His main claim to fame was as a sheep breeder and he promoted ardently and endlessly what were then called 'the black-faced sheep' and what we now know as the Suffolk breed.

The photograph of George Dobito is courtesy of the Suffolk Sheep Society, from the Society's Flock Book, Volume 16, of 1902.

Mr Dobito's death notice and obituary follow:

Newspaper Cutting (Ipswich Journal) 14/1/1871:


Dobito. - 4th inst., at Cropley Grove, near Newmarket, George Dobito, in his 59th year.'

Newspaper Cutting (Bury and Norwich Post) 17/1/1871:

'Kirtling. The Late George Dobito. - On the 9th inst., we attended the burial of the late George Dobito, of Cropley Grove, Lydgate, which took place in the churchyard adjoining his birth-place, Kirtling Hall. In doing so, we felt that we were paying the last tribute of respect to a man of no common order, to one who had possessed unusual wisdom, and was a rare specimen of the English yeoman. We remembered him for many years, as one of the best heavy land farmers of the district, and as an eminent breeder of black-faced sheep. We called to mind the days when he was foremost amongst us in the hunting and cricket field, and at the Chess Club, always bearing about with him that high moral tone which is persuasive to good, as much in the midst of harmless recreation as in the business of every-day life. Latterly he farmed only his own small estates, but his sympathies remained with the tenant-farmer, and being gifted with high mental powers, coupled with great taste for intellectual pursuits, his opinion was sought on various matters by all classes. We only express the feeling of many when we say that we shall ever think of George Dobito as of a noble Englishman. On leaving the church-yard, a muffled peal from the church bells reminded us that when the deceased resided at Kirtling Hall, he used himself at times to take part in ringing a merry evening peal.- From a Correspondent.'

George Dobito, of Kirtling and Lidgate, who died one hundred and thirty nine years ago to the day, was one of my wife's many Kirtling-born relatives.

Below is a picture of my father's Suffolk sheep dating from about 1945. This was at Chalk Farm, Bottisham. The little titch at the back is me.

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  1. That's a good obituary. It makes one wish it were possible to meet the old boy.


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