Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's obvious, innit?!

Pat Kilbey, the editor (and my friend) of our most local newspaper, the Burwell Bulletin, which serves splendidly both Burwell and the surrounding villages, has been good enough to publish another letter from me. It reads as follows:

"Old-fashioned remedy

Am I old-fashioned?

I say this because I recall when Cambridgeshire villages had their own snow ploughs. Farmers in the villages operated the village snow ploughs and they turned out when snow ploughing was needed, as it was in the villages during the snowy spell before Christmas. Because Cambridgeshire villages have no snow ploughs now, the farmers don't do the needed snow ploughing and the result is that when we get more than an inch or so of snow, instead of it being ploughed and cleared to the roadsides, it becomes rutted in the roads and a great danger to all.

Can we turn the clock back just a bit, please?

Geoffrey Woollard."

And the link to the actual newspaper is here -


The picture is of a village snowplough complete with faithful horses and dating from the 1920s. For the record, I am not advocating that snow ploughing should again be done with horses, though they look good.

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