Saturday, 23 January 2010

250 dead Brits in Afghanistan - how many more?

We awoke today to the news of yet another British soldier having died in Afghanistan. A report is now (7.30 a.m.) in the on-line Daily Telegraph - see below.

The question that is asked by more and more people 'over here' is how many more are to die 'over there' before the waste of it all is realised by those of 'them' who rule us and/or 'represent' us. We and our courageous soldiers have achieved nothing in that God-forsaken hell-hole; we and our courageous soldiers are achieving nothing in that God-forsaken hell-hole; and we and our courageous soldiers will achieve nothing in that God-forsaken hell-hole. The British Empire did no good in Afghanistan; the Soviet Union beat an ignominious retreat from Afghanistan; and the combined forces of Nato, led by the United States and closely followed by brave British men and women, will also be compelled to embrace 'reconciliation' (not my word, but the word of George Osborne and William Hague on a recent visit to Kabul) with our enemies. But there is still all-party support for this misadventure that was started at the behest of President Bush in order to 'smoke out' Osama bin Laden.

It is quite clear that bin Laden has done a bunk and it is also clear that the threat from 'home-grown' al-Qaeda is to be found as much in Leeds, Leicester, Luton and London.

Bring our boys home ASAP before we pass yet another milestone of death and suffering for them and loss and sacrifice for us who are appalled by what is going on in our names.

By the way, my illustration is from the time, back in June, 2008, when the British death toll was 'only' 100 and when I wrote to my present M.P., Mr James Paice, as follows:

" ... the news from Afghanistan of three more British deaths is profoundly saddening and worrying. I recall President Bush (the idiot who can't even pronounce the word 'nuclear' properly) declaring, after what the Americans call "9/11," that he/they/we were 'gonna smoke him [Osama bin Laden] out.' I supported the intention of doing that but bin Laden hasn't been found, let alone been 'smoked out,' after nearly seven years. It appears to me that the time has come for us to draw a line under a disaster and to tell Mr Bush that one hundred British lives lost is enough. The British Empire (which I still hanker for) failed to tame the Afghans, the Soviet Empire admitted defeat at their hands and still we think that we can succeed where others failed and fell. If I thought that there was still a possibility of 'smoking out' Mr bin Laden, I would support as stoutly as anyone the continuing sacrifices of ourselves and the Americans. But I can't help thinking that 'special forces' might have more success than our armies and that the latter should be withdrawn forthwith."

Where are the M.P.s when we need them? A few courageous individuals speak out again this pointless and stupid adventure but the remainder stay silent because they are 'constrained' by their respective party lines. I say, 'Stop it, now!"

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