Wednesday, 27 January 2010

First responses favourable

I received the following message within minutes of the 'announcement' posting:

"Wow! That is excellent. Perfect music too. You were very brave on the multi-racial theme! So, it is official now? You are in the running?  M****."

To which I replied:

"Thanks, M****, and not without more than a little help from you. Yes, it's official!

As ever,

Geoffrey Woollard."

And another came in soon after:

"Impressive use of technology. Good luck! I wonder if ex-pats can vote?


And another:

"Good luck !

A**** T*****."

And another:

"Yes good luck Geoffrey. You can count on my vote!

Love J**** x."

And another:

"Hi Geoffrey!

I disagree with your views on Hunting & Hare Coursing, but everything else is spot on!

Good Luck!


And another:

"Just viewed your Youtube. Excellent. Well put together. You have expressed what the vast majority are thinking, with the exception of the country fraternity and hunting. You will have my vote!


And another:

"Good Luck!

A*** J****."

And another:

"Good luck!!!!


And another:

"Wishing you the best of luck Geoffrey. We live in Norfolk just outside Norwich but my ancestors lived and died in Great Chishill and Crishall which was then in Cambs but now I think in Essex. (They changed the boundaries) The fens must be preserved at all costs, it's our heritage, our land and our right.

Excellent video and thanks for sending. Very moving in fact.

Kind regards.

W**** M******."

And a mystery comment on youtube from 'Floogy26':

"Very good luck Geoffrey.

I've nothing much against Jim Paice, he is a hard working MP who does his best for his constituents. Unfortunately his hands are tied by the party machine and whatever he may think he has to toe the party line.

We need a truly independent MP who is not afraid to speak his mind. You will get my vote." 

This came in from a very helpful lady friend:

"Keep up the good work!

C***** S*******."

And this from another lovely lady:

"Geoffrey, I found it all very interesting. Good luck to you. M****."

Yet another lovely lady wrote:

"Geoffrey I have just watched ... your You Tube. It is great and if I lived in your area I would certainly vote for you as you echo my feelings things over and over .... I do hope you are successful with your campaign.

Much love M*****."

And yet another lovely lady (where do I find them?) wrote:

"Good luck ought to be the voice of commonsense!"

From a gentleman this time:

"Congratulations on very excellent presentation ... "

And from another Cambridgeshire-born gentleman:

"an excellent production, well done Geoffrey

I have family connections with so many of the villages you mention, one of course being my birthplace, another my father's.

I don't agree with everything you say.....I have never thought of you as having a big nose!"

And this came in from a charming and enthusiastic Longmeadow lady:

"Go Geoffrey Go!!!!"

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