Monday, 3 May 2010

Vast crowds at Reach Fair today - England at its eccentric best, despite the English weather

Sue and I went to Reach Fair - we walked part of the way as it's not far from our home - and, despite the weather, which was a bit blowy and cool, there were vast crowds of people there enjoying England at its eccentric best. The fair dates back to the time of King John and it is actually run under the auspices of the great and world-famous City of Cambridge. Consequently, the great and the good of Cambridge come out to Reach and the Mayor of Cambridge (this year it's Councillor Russ McPherson, pictured right) opens the proceedings.

Here is my picture of the fair being opened from the 'hill' in front of Hill Farm House, the home of my very fine friends, the Cole family, who have ensured that visitors to Reach Fair are made fully aware that the Independent candidate for South East Cambridgeshire is one Geoffrey Woollard. If readers look closely at the picture, they will see no less than eight of my posters plastered across the windows of Hill Farm House. If they look closer still, they will see Mrs Mary Cole, the matriarch of this great family. Mary is peering at the proceedings from an upstairs window. Bless her heart.

Here are some more pictures of notable things, notable friends and other notable people.

First, me with a superb Garrett steam traction engine.

The burger bar beside the Reach village war memorial, "Erected to the memory of the men of Reach who died in the Great War 1914 - 1919." A tiny Cambridgeshire village 'lost' eight men in that terrible conflict.

A young South African-born gentleman who had cycled to the Fair from London. He was at Reach with his son. We had a most interesting conversation.

A very good friend from my County Council days. Cllr. John Hipkin was a Labour member of Cambridgeshire County Council and is now an independent Councillor on Cambridge City Council. John has also been a distinguished Mayor.

The official cars (thought to have been supplied by Marshalls of Cambridge, one of our largest local employers) are parked outside the Reach Village Centre and the Church of St. Etheldreda.

Councillors Colin Rosenstiel and Dr. Ian Nimmo-Smith (and others) leaving the Reach Village Centre (formerly the village school). The latter is the Liberal Democrat leader of Cambridge City Council. Under his leadership, the City Council 'invested' £9 millions of the council taxpayers' money in that well-known safe haven for such investments, an Icelandic bank.

Here is the mace-bearer, the Mayor and several other City notables.

And here is the Mayor in a sort of procession to Hill Farm House.

And here are Sue and Mr (Robert) and Mrs (Valerie) Fuller. Robert and Valerie farm at Spinney Abbey, Wicken, the former home of Mr Henry Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell's son, and have run a thriving bed and breakfast business there, too. They now sell traditional meat. Give them a visit at -

Finally, for Reach and this part of the day's electioneering, here are our very good friends (from left to right) Mr Richard (Dick) Bourne, Mr Richard (Dickie) Doe and Dickie's wife, Brenda. Sue is in the picture, on the right, with a bag of election material.

I have taken the liberty of adding someone else's picture of the fairground-type entertainments in action. Lots of people love the traditional and quirky Reach Fair. So do Sue and I.

As we were leaving, we met the recently-knighted Sir Michael and Lady Marshall. Sir Michael is Chairman of Marshalls of Cambridge. It was both an honour and a pleasure to see them. They live in our village of Swaffham Prior.

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