Friday, 7 May 2010

I lost big time, but it was both fascinating and rewarding - see the Cambridge News

The Cambridge News can be relied upon for the latest election news. Here is the link to the figures in South East Cambridgeshire.

The story can also be followed on the same website.

In my brief comments after the result was announced, I congratulated Mr James Paice on his re-election with a 'thumping' majority. I also alluded to my tour of the South East Cambridgeshire constituency yesterday when I visited in turn more than fifty polling stations and thanked the officers at each one for doing their bit for British democracy. I also said that I had witnessed yet again the beauty of the County of Cambridgeshire. I then said that I had driven through 'fox' country and hare 'territory.' I said that foxes and hares were protected by the Hunting Act 2004. I concluding by pleading with the re-elected Mr Paice to alter his stated intention to vote to repeal the Hunting Act 2004, 'for the sake of the animals.'

I lost big time yesterday/today, but the election was both fascinating and rewarding. I thank all of my supporters and I thank my dear wife of 48 years, the incomparable and inimitable Sue, who deserves a medal.

Here is Sue's picture of the election result being announced at the Ross Peers Sports Centre at Soham.

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