Sunday, 2 May 2010

A generous message just received from South Africa

Hi Geoffrey

With the General Election looming this coming week and you standing as an independent for South East Cambridgeshire, I, together with all your South African relations, would like to offer you our warm support and good wishes for your success.

Who could be a better candidate than a local inhabitant whose family roots in the area go back over 300 years? Only one person, Geoffrey Ladbrooke Woollard, a people's man not whipped by any party machine.

I trust that the good people of South East Cambridgeshire will remove their blinkers, discard old beliefs, rally behind you and cast their votes in your favour knowing well that you will uphold your stern principles in the interests of South East Cambridgeshire.

Success comes with hard work in canvassing which I am sure you have accomplished, often coming home tired out after going from doorstep to doorstep to discuss vital matters that affect the residents of South East Cambridgeshire.

Please feel free if you desire to post this letter of good wishes on your Blog.

Best of luck Geoffrey

Paul Raw.

Paul Raw's ancestors emigrated to the Pietermaritzburg area of Natal in South Africa when that province of that great country was part of the once-great British Empire. Here is a link to the old South African National Anthem.

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