Tuesday, 4 May 2010

This election is such great fun - a laugh a minute - and it appears that electric poles are now for Jim Paice!

I have nothing against Poles. I usually stick up for Poles. Several of my friends are Poles.

But it appears that poles are now for Jim Paice. This won't go down too well with the anti-EU-immigration brigade and it will surely play right into the hands of UKIP.

Mr Paice has won the battle of the barns, the ditches, the hedges and the fields. It's now clear that he is winning the battle of the poles.

This electric pole was spotted today in a field, near a ditch, beyond a hedge, and far from a barn.

Who do Mr Paice's poster people think they are kidding? Barns, ditches, hedges, fields and electric poles don't have votes. People have votes. When will the Paice poster people learn?

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