Sunday, 2 May 2010

Here is the link to my podcast of this very morning

I reported earlier that my friend Mike (aka 'Charon QC'), an academic lawyer and an inveterate blogger, had recorded another podcast for and of me this very morning. Here is the link to my latest podcast recording. It goes on for several minutes but you might find it interesting and/or amusing. Go to -

I mentioned in my podcast the expenses claims record of my principal opponent, Mr James Paice. Mr Paice has published his latest (from May until July, 2009, inclusive) expenses claims record at -

It appears that Mr Paice's mortgage interest and 'hire of blackberry,' council tax, water rates, etc., were/are being paid by the rest of us - 'all within the rules,' as so many former MPs are fond of saying.

Did we know this? No, we didn't. Are we happy? No, we are not. And if it was 'all within the rules,' why weren't the rules altered earlier?

Here also is the link to my earlier podcast (recorded when I had a cold on the 27th of November, 2009) with 'Charon QC' -

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