Sunday, 2 May 2010

I'm no longer a virgin podcaster!

Despite what I have already said about not electioneering on Sundays, I have just had a call from my friend Mike (aka 'Charon QC') who is an academic lawyer and who blogs almost incessantly. Mike also records podcasts and he wanted me to do another one for him. (I did one for him last year and I described myself then as a 'virgin podcaster').

Mike ('Charon QC') has been kind enough to keep up with my independent campaign and wanted my latest 'take' on the election generally and, more specifically, how I see South East Cambridgeshire turning out.

I told him that I was no longer a virgin podcaster (having done others during this campaign) and gave it to him straight. With luck, it will have been recorded OK. The link to it will appear here later today.

I told Mike specifically that I expect to come either first or second on Thursday/Friday. This expectation is based on the results of many weeks of canvassing and meetings and the reactions of the people to that canvassing and at those meetings.

The pundits may have their say. It's the people who count and they will soon have their day and their say. The people have told me that they are with me and, with some exceptions, not with the major parties. The people know that I am different. I am independent. So are very many people.

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