Saturday, 25 December 2010

The ConDem coalition lasted until Christmas, but ...

I predicted at the start that the ConDem coalition would last - at most - until Christmas. Well, it's Christmas Day and the coalition has lasted until today, but how much longer bearing in mind that one of its principal ministers is this shady-looking character?

There was a time when I thought that Dr. Vince Cable was the Liberal Democrats' best asset. Now it seems that he is just an ass, the worst of a very bad bunch. He boasted of his massive ministerial powers and his war-mongering to complete strangers to whom, even if they had been 'constituents,' he should not have breathed a word on his or the ConDem government's policy or plans for the BSkyB business. The man was and is an idiot: he can't escape the fact. Dr. Cable and others of his Lib Dem colleagues were gullible when faced with 'constituents' who were, in reality, reporters for the Daily Telegraph. They fell for flattery and they blabbed. More fool them.

But this man and his colleagues are still in government. Why? Because the ConDem coalition would fall apart without them and our rulers have ruled that they can't be got rid of for five years. Though I was wrong about them being gone by this Christmas and though they have ruled that they shall rule for five years, I make another prediction: they will not last for five years; the British people will not stand for it.

Just to cheer you up, seeing that it is Christmas, I include in my blog another picture of Dr. Vince, this time looking not shady but pretty silly. But, hey, what's new?

Have a good day.

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