Monday, 13 December 2010

As long as Mr Eric Pickles survives, Alderman Foodbotham lives. And so does dear old Peter Simple

Those of us who are really old can recall the late Michael Wharton's marvellous 'Way of The World' column in the Daily Telegraph. Writing as 'Peter Simple,' Wharton 'sent up' numerous characters and caricatures (brilliantly drawn by 'Michael ffolkes,' whose real name was Michael Davies) of characters, most of whom are listed on-line and may be found through the following link -'s_characters

One of my favourite characters, partly because I knew one or two people whose style was not dissimilar, was 'the late Alderman Foodbotham' (above, by 'ffolkes'), 'the 25-stone, iron-watch-chained, crag-visaged, grim-booted Lord Mayor of Bradford and perpetual chairman of the Bradford City Tramways and Fine Arts Committee.'

As long as Mr Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and former Bradford City Councillor, survives, Alderman Foodbotham lives. And so does dear old Peter Simple.

Mr Pickles is today to announce the new 'Localism Bill' and the possibility of 12 more directly elected mayors.

Here is Mr Pickles.

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