Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Bad news: worse just before Christmas for the family. I say, 'Bring them home now' - I believe that you agree

News came today of the death (the 347th) of another brave Britisher in Afghanistan. Here is a link to that news, which is bad enough but, just before Christmas, it must be the worst possible for the family and friends most closely affected.

A friend has also posted me a link to a sad song on YouTube. Go to - 

I wrote to my friend as follows:

"Thank you for posting this beautiful and moving rendition of 'Stop The Cavalry,' James. Though it is commemorative of an earlier and even more terrible war, we can well imagine the present-day suffering and sacrifices of our boys in Afghanistan. The death (the 347th) of another Britisher has been reported today. I say, 'Bring them home now, for Christmas.' I believe that you agree, as do most of my friends."

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