Friday, 10 December 2010

Mr and Mrs Windsor in harm's way last evening

There has been extensive news coverage of the Prince of Wales and his wife being concerned for their personal safety last evening. The picture below ('borrowed' from The Times) tells the story better than I can.

They are not my favourite people, but I don't want Charles and Camilla Windsor to be harmed (I want them to emigrate, as Charles said he would if fox hunting were to be banned: it has and he hasn't), but someone has some serious questions to answer as to why the Windsors and their car were put in harm's way. What were their people and the police thinking of and doing?

As to the student tuition fees issue itself, I am saddened that we are moving from a period when university education was mostly state-funded to a less-beneficent system. I think that we shall all regret it eventually.

Post Script:

It now appears (from this evening's Channel 4 News) that Charles Windsor may have decided to ignore and/or over-rule the advice of his advisers to stay at home and watch the telly and, instead, to go to the theatre. In which case, he is either very brave or very stupid.

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