Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Prince of Wales, wasn't he going to emigrate?

It will come as no surprise to Tony Blair's diminishing band of admirers, of which I am still one, that the former Prime Minister 'struggled' with the fox hunting ban. However, it is disappointing to hear that his struggles were conducted in conversations with the Prince of Wales, a friend of plants but no friend of foxes. Mr Blair may rest assured in his retirement that the ban on fox hunting, hare coursing, stag hunting, etc., was brought in with all-party support and the overwhelming support of townspeople and millions born and bred in the countryside, of which I am also one, and that, if anything, those millions wish for the ban on these so-called 'sports' to be strengthened and not repealed. The ban came in during a Labour government and during Tony Blair's premiership. Those of us who are grateful for it know that we don't have the whole Labour party or Mr Blair to thank for it. We would also advise present Prime Minister Cameron and his ConDem government that we are still here.

As to the Prince of Wales, wasn't he going to emigrate if a ban came in?

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