Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Well done, Farmers Weekly, for having this poll!

Farmers Weekly, the best-known magazine for the farming community, is having a poll on its website as to whether the ban on fox hunting, hare coursing and stag hunting should be repealed.

I have voted 'No'!

To do the same, I urge my readers to go the Farmers Weekly website at -


- where I have also left the following comment:

"Well done, Farmers Weekly, for having this poll. The ban rightly received all-party support. Most of the Labour members wanted it, most of the Lib Dems wanted it, and some of the Conservatives wanted it. The persistence of Ann Widdecombe and Tony Banks in its pursuit was heroic. But, most importantly, public opinion, both urban and rural, was ready for it. Like the bear baiting and cock fighting of old, fox hunting, hare coursing, stag hunting, etc., had all come to the end of their days of acceptability. These so-called 'sports' were known and seen to be incompatible with our British approach to wild animals. There is plenty of suffering in nature already: it doesn't have to be made worse by those who are out for 'fun.' Incidentally, I write this as a former shooting man, as a farmer and as a born-and-bred countryman. The Hunting Act 2004 was a fine and honourable piece of progress and, rather than repeal, which the likes of Hague, Herbert and Hart want, it should be strengthened."

Post Script (added 8/9/2010 from the Farmers Weekly website):


Should the coalition lift the hunting ban? ( Poll Closed )

Yes 50.65% (11,175 votes)

No 49.35% (10,888 votes)

Total Votes: 22,063

Let it never, ever be said again that country and/or farming opinion is firmly behind the chorus of Tories - Messrs. Hague, Herbert, Hart, & Co. - regarding repealing the Hunting Act 2004 that banned fox hunting, hare coursing, stag hunting, etc. As is shown by the poll run by the Farmers Weekly, it is 100% clear that very large numbers of voters would prefer the ban to stay. I am of that view, too.

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