Sunday, 12 September 2010

200 more farming acres 're-wetted' and 're-wilded'

Just days after the National Trust received permission to 're-wet' (that's flooding in my book) and to 're-wild' about 200 more acres of Grade 1 farm land at Burwell, there are numerous reports in the press of food price inflation and more food shortages in various parts of the world. One of the reports is in the Daily Telegraph at -

I have responded to some of the reports along the following lines:

"Using public money, the National Trust is busily buying up thousands of acres of the finest Fen farm land in my area (South East Cambridgeshire) in order to take it out of arable production and to 're-wet' and to 're-wild' it. We have a population of over 61 millions (those are the ones willing to be counted) and we haven't a hope in hell of feeding them without massive food imports which may not always be available. Our best Fen land should be used for what it does best - growing crops of food. I wish I could attach pictures to this contribution. They would show magnificent wheat and fields of superb vegetables as only our Fen farming can produce. All this alongside unique wildlife which our Fen farmers cherish and love."

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