Saturday, 21 August 2010

"Wrecking the land we love" (Tony Day of Wicken)

My very good friend, the world-renowned Fen artist and Wicken-born historian Anthony (Tony) Day (pictured right), has had an excellent letter published in today's Cambridge News. I can do no better than to re-publish it verbatim:

"Wrecking the land we love

I grieve to read of yet another enormous sum of money being poured into the grossly misguided "Wicken Vision" scheme. (News, August 7), the timing clearly to dissuade growing opposition that cannot reply in kind.

What body has the right to dispose of money on this scale without full assurance it will be used as intended? The hope is it will be used to provide habitat for endangered species, but the certainty is that it will not, within this muddled "vision" plan which has declared its intention to open up all frontiers for human invasion.

There are three new bridges over Reach Lode to let in the hordes and the goal is clearly commercial gain with not a whisper coming from any dedicated naturalist who might want a new definition of National Trust.

They will produce an environment from which birds and animals will take flight. This is already the story here in Wicken, a situation from which, I would agree, it would be very difficult to turn back. Here it is all for human diversion, descending into silliness. The RSPB never stops ringing what birds remain, putting statistics before sympathy, their only justification being to check on decline - caused by them. They even continue this through the nesting season, causing birds to desert.

No, the wrong people are doing the wrong thing in our area, wrecking so much that we love about the landscape here, robbing a growing population of food such as cannot be grown anywhere else. Taking away qualities, indeed, that the National Trust should be ashamed to lose, not to mention advocate further.

Anthony Day
Pond Green
Tony's latest book is highly recommended, too. It was produced in conjunction with Mr Mike Rouse, another local historian of note. Here is the book's cover and the link to it on Amazon. I have a copy that was a generous gift from Mr Day himself.

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