Monday, 29 November 2010

I've already had enough of the ConDem coalition

Numerous newspapers and other media have reported Sir John Major's support for the idea of the ConDem coalition continuing beyond the next election. I disagree with Sir John.

One of the newspaper reports was in the Cambridge News at -

I have commented on-line as follows:

"I've already had enough of the ConDem coalition and for a former Prime Minister whose principal 'achievement' was the institution of the National Lottery - a voluntary tax on the poor to enhance the interests of the rich and cultured few: I wish that our country and its people had never had this iniquity inflicted upon them - to suggest that the ConDems ought to continue for ever and a day is not an acceptable idea.

And, besides, millions of Conservative supporters are hacked off with ‘Dave’ who, they believe, is not a Tory at all; millions of Labour supporters are hacked off with their losses that stemmed in the main from the charmlessness of Brown; and millions of Liberal Democrat supporters are hacked off by being betrayed by their so-called ‘leaders.’

We can’t go on much longer with such a substantial proportion of the whole electorate being hacked off.

John Major should back off."

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