Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Here is a cunning plan to solve Ireland's problems

Here is a cunning plan that is designed to solve Ireland's Euro problems as well as other ongoing worries:

1. Ireland should leave the Euro zone and should rejoin the British pound 'zone.'

2. Ireland should rejoin Great Britain (within the wider E.U.).

3. The Church of England should be disestablished.

The above would solve Ireland's Euro problems, would facilitate a united Ireland (within a United Kingdom), and would remove the Catholic Church's concerns that a United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland would still have the C. of E. as part of its parliamentary and governmental structure.

As to Dáil Éireann, it could become another assembly similar to those at Cardiff, Holyrood and Stormont, and with similar devolved powers.

As to the Irish Republic, maybe the Irish would accept again the British monarchy or - admittedly an unlikely event in today's climate - the English, the Welsh, the Scots, and the people of Ulster might themselves be receptive to the idea of a republic.

Speaking for myself only, I would.

It might be worth adding that the British flag - the Union Jack - contains within its design St. George's Cross, St. Andrew's Cross and the so-called 'St. Patrick's Cross.'

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