Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Ark Royal on her way to being scrapped - shame!

I have seen today on TV Her Majesty’s Ship Ark Royal, soon to be on her way to being scrapped. It made me feel ill.

I know that Ark Royal and the Harriers are a bit dated, but surely it makes sense to keep the carrier going until a replacement is ready and surely it makes sense to keep the Harriers going even longer?

The ConDem government must be crazy.

(This rather puts the Blair government’s retirement of the Royal Yacht Britannia into perspective, doesn’t it?).

Here is the link to more pictures of H.M.S. Ark Royal from the Daily Telegraph.

The caption to one of the pictures reads:

"The cost-cutting decision to scrap Britain's fixed-wing capability from aircraft carriers caused consternation and puzzlement on board the ship, which some say carries the most famous name in naval history. The ship saw active service in the Balkans and the second Gulf War. HMS Ark Royal leaves Newcastle after paying a visit to the city in which she was built as part of her final farewell."

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