Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Let us, at the very least, remember our servicemen

News has come via the BBC (it came well down in the list of news items on BBC1 at 1 o'clock) that yet another of our brave British soldiers has died as a result of injuries received in Afghanistan.

The total of British dead in or as a result of Afghanistan is now 364.

Here is the link to the BBC website and the news -

Whilst attention is on the latest developments in Libya and the up-coming Royal wedding, the celebrations and the street parties, our servicemen are still fighting and dying in the hell-hole of Afghanistan.

Let us, at the very least, remember them.

Better still, bring them all home - alive.

Post Script (added at 6.10 p.m.):

It appears that I was wrong in saying 'servicemen.' It has been announced that the latest British death was that of Captain Lisa Jade Head (pictured below) of 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment.

I must be old-fashioned for, whilst any death of a service person is awful, that of a service woman seems to me to be doubly so.

We mourn her loss.

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