Friday, 15 April 2011

I know that the clock cannot be turned back but ...

I am suspicious of David Cameron.

Is he hiding his policy failures by latching on to supposedly 'populist' causes?

He was clearly electioneering with yesterday's 'immigration' speech, but I am sorry to say that I did not believe that he was telling the truth, for he said, in question time following the speech, ‘This [what he had said] is Liberal Democrat policy.’ I do not believe that.

And in any case it is nonsense for him to imply that the problems stemming from mass non-European immigration started in the last twelve years.

The West Indian style black gang gun and drugs ‘culture’ didn’t start in the last twelve years; the Asian male abuse of British women didn’t start in the last twelve years; the alien and isolationist Islamist breeding of ‘British-born’ enemies of the West didn’t start in the last twelve years.

Look at Leeds, Leicester, Luton and London: see the difference.

I believe that we have been hoodwinked and let down by politicians with their own destructive agenda for the last sixty five years.

We were never asked if we wanted our country to be more multi-racial and more multi-cultural.

When I was a lad living in rural Cambridgeshire between Cambridge and Newmarket, the only coloured people usually to be seen were a few Indian princes ‘up’ at Cambridge and the late ‘Prince’ Monolulu, the racing tipster, touting and shouting his ‘I gotta horse.’

I know that the clock cannot be turned back but, surely, we can slow the seemingly ceaseless loss of what we were once were - British.

The thing is, can Cameron and the ConDem government - or, indeed, any government - be trusted to do what I want?

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