Saturday, 13 July 2013

Our new home at Soham is now named Sunnymead: it seems appropriate to us

Our new home at Soham is now named Sunnymead.

That name has strong resonances for Sue and for me.

It was the name of the Day family’s seaside bungalow at Hunstanton which, dramatically, was washed away in the awful East Coast floods of January, 1953.

More importantly, it was the name of Sue’s family home at Newmarket when I commenced courting her in 1961.

She married me from there in 1962.

Sad to relate, Sunnymead at Newmarket no longer exists.

We decided recently to revive the name: it seems appropriate to us.

We miss Chapel Farm enormously but we love Sunnymead and the town of Soham and are very happy with the outcome of our move.

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