Saturday, 13 August 2011

Will he be labelled 'Governor Rick from Hicksville'?

I watched part of Governor Perry’s speech on CNN.

It must be difficult for all aspiring politicians in America who have to try to balance the desire to seem folksy with the appearance of being clued up.

If I were so honoured as to be addressing any sort of gathering in the marvellously civilised Southern city of Charleston, I would be only too conscious of, say, the old-fashioned oratory of South Carolina’s own Senator John C. Calhoun, and I would also want to be word-perfect and prepared.

If I were aspiring to be a candidate for the Presidency, I would not only want to be word-perfect and prepared, but I would also be trying to ensure that the desire to be folksy was carefully balanced with the appearance of being clued up.

Mr Perry appeared neither to be word-perfect and prepared nor particularly clued up. He was folksy alright, but his folksiness seemed to drag somewhat and he appeared at times to be a little lost.

He must improve his act.

If he cannot improve his act, he will go down as no successor to John C. Calhoun; he will instead be labelled 'Governor Rick from Hicksville.'

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