Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Where do some of these people do their shopping?

Whilst one is grateful for the small mercies in today's Budget, I wonder where some of these people in Parliament who were cheering on the Chancellor do their shopping. George Osborne has made minor changes to fuel duties for motorists. Some people are saying that they represent a 6p cut in fuel prices. I wish it were so. It's a 1p cut and a postponement of a 5p increase. My local filling station (at Soham) now has diesel fuel at 140.9p per litre, the highest I have ever known. If I drive to the nearest Tesco (at Newmarket), it might be a penny or two less, but it would cost me more to drive there.

Country dwellers like me can add up: we're screwed wherever we go.

(So we stay at home).

Post Script (added 25th March): So much for the ConDem government's fuel price 'cut.' Mr George Osborne should see what I have seen at my local filling station this morning - diesel fuel is now 142.9p per litre, again the highest I have even known. We have been conned - again.

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