Wednesday, 14 July 2010

250 people attend angry meeting at Swaffham Prior

Residents of Swaffham Prior and some nearby villages showed and voiced their anger last evening at Swaffham Prior Village Hall. About 250 people are believed to have been present. Lots could not get into the hall and loudspeakers relayed the proceedings to those outside. The anger was directed at East Cambridgeshire District Council's proposal for a six-pitch gypsy site next to Goodwin Farm, Heath Road, Swaffham Prior.

As a local resident and as a member of Swaffham Prior Parish Council, I felt for the whole village but most especially for Mr William Steven, of Goodwin Farm, who said that his property had become valueless in a few days.

The 'top table' included (left to right) District Councillor Mr Allen Alderson, County Councillor Mr David Brown, Mr David Greenfield, who chaired the meeting, and Mr John Covill, chairman of Swaffham Prior Parish Council.

The pressure is now on our representatives to kill this proposal. I wish them success.

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